2021 |
Food Operation Permit
2019 |
China's honest bidder
2018 |
Vice president company of Hunan Cross-border E-commerce Association
2017 |
Qualified with United Nations Level-2 supplier
2015 |
The qualification of alibaba one -touch partner
2011 |
Contract-honoring and Trustworthy Unit in Hunan Province.
2010 |
It was renamed "GK International Enterprises Co., Ltd."
2007 |

The restructuring of a new type of privately-owned foreign economic and trade enterprise has been completed.

2005 |
Medical device business license
2001 |

It has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification for the first time.

2000 |
Hunan International Economic Technology Development Co., Ltd was established after state-owned restructuring, with Hunan International Economic Development Group holding and employees equity participation.
1984 |
Hunan International Economic Development (Group) Company was established. It is a state-owned large-scale first-class foreign economic and trade enterprise, one of the top 500 enterprises of import and export of foreign trade in China, with total assets of 1.2 billion yuan.