Overcoming Typhoon Obstacles: Delivering Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) and Welfare Supplies for

2023-08-31 15:58

Supporting the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA)

Our company is thrilled to announce another successful delivery of over sixty types of PPE and welfare supplies to MINUSCA in July following the biodegradable garbage bag project. Despite encountering an unexpected typhoon, we ensured the safety and timely shipment of these supplies, including carpets, pool tables, air pumps, and fitness equipment, which filled up two 20containers.


Before making the purchases, we conducted a thorough investigation of each manufacturer to guarantee the highest quality sources. We also optimized the sea and land transportation plan to streamline the process and ensure efficient delivery.


However, shortly after departure, the ship encountered an extremely rare typhoon named "Doksuri", resulting in temporary docking and delay in the shipment. Our project manager immediately initiated close communication with the freight forwarder and the Client to prioritize the safety of the goods. Now, all the goods are en route to Africa through the Maritime Silk Road.

We are committed to prioritizing quality, safety, and timely delivery of our products to support the UN mission and exploring more related projects. By offering high-quality and cost-effective fitness equipment, personal protective equipment, and welfare supplies made in China, our company remains dedicated to providing first-class service to United Nations organizations.